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A collection of forty (40) poems following the downward fall of a persons life. There are four parts to the collection;

Part 1 – Dreams
Whether asleep or awake we all have dreams. The ten poems in this section are based on a person’s dreams.

“The dreamer’s dream, and hope to be never found, for if their dream ends, then love holds no bounds,” Two cities

“You bow once again, You kiss my check, It’s your way to say goodbye, And then you walk away, The prince of the ball, Walking away from the servant girl.” Forbidden Love

Part 2 – Nightmares
On the flip side of the coin of dreams, we all have nightmares too. The ten poems in this section are based on what we would define as a ‘nightmare’.

“Spare me your love, Its poisonous depths, I shall embrace you in my dreams, But never more from there.” Dreaming of a Demon

“In a place where freedom hides, and free-will is something we no longer own. A place where we are consumed for life, by the sin’s we hone.” Hade’s Allies

Part 3 – Awakening
Whether during the night we dream of things of good or bad, we awake from these dreams. However, the world around us when we are awake is not always a pleasant place. The ten poems in this section are based on our waking world.

“I have no place to rest my head, no dreams to take away the pain of the day, And no nightmares, That could bring me to my knees in fear.” Eternal Slumber

“For it is in this afterlife that I do not belong, Nor in life where I know I should be, But somewhere between heaven and hell, My Soul will forever be, With the fallen and forsaken, Who have been forgotten just like me.” On the Equinox

Part 4 – Final Breath
In the end we all take our final breath. The ten poems in this section are based on our last moments and how we meet our end.

“There was something dark in his eyes, and something twisted in the way he smiled. His laughter chilled me to the bone, and when he was near, I felt as if I was in hell.” Killing me Slowly

“The darkness is all consuming, but I’ve known him for years, and I welcome his touch, As he wipes my tears.” Sold my Soul