Full Reviews for The Fire Within

Review by Patricia Melo (Original post on

I always enjoyed the imagination of the Paranormal/Fantasy writer in building worlds beyond the reader’s imagination. When the stories come with characters that are weaved in time and space and slowly crawl under our skin, even better.

In “The Fire Within” I found a set of characters that did just that. Some in the good sense, some I surely wouldn’t want to have nothing with, but all served a purpose … the purpose to make this book a walk on the wild side.

This book sends you into a turmoil, an enchanted world where mystical creatures live hand in hand by a dark, broken war between the vampires and the skin walkers. I liked the world building aspect since the first page, the story recounted the surroundings of each character, from where they’ve been to where they were going.

By the middle of the book I got a little lost, my focus dispersed a little. I found myself thinking that perhaps there was so much going on that maybe it was a little too much. I’ll explain, I think that the author might have deepen the reader’s connection into some worlds in particular and some thread lines between character’s instead of populating the book with major events in each of the character’s POV.

It made me feel that I only slightly touched some facts that I would have liked to read more about.

Anna and Victor :
They were the two main characters of this story and the starting point for the other characters to grow. I loved Anna, she was a determined heroine, a sensuous girl raised from deceit and ignorance, her parents were abhorrent, a true loving soul and a brave warrior. I enjoyed her to the max.

Now Victor is another story …
I’m a girl that simply can’t resist a vampire, my love for them is enormous and I never pass down a good fictional vamp but here I found a vampire that was a little soft, too much in my opinion. I would have liked to see a battle warrior, an alpha king, a true lover, but he didn’t make it to that point. Even though he was a warrior worth of his people, defending peace, he felt too much pain from the past and never seemed, in my reader’s eye, to move forward and break from his shell. I sympathized with his pain but there was something missing there.

The bad guy, Christian:
Yes, this one I loved, not in a good way, but when the character makes you feel hate, pain and you wish someone would come and put him in his place, than right there you know the author aced it and got what she wanted. He never fails to show more hatred and diabolical plans to get what he wants, victory over the vampires and Anna, he’s true love, because in the end he only wants to be loved by her, have a family, and truly feel the emotions that a happy human feels so he’s life could have meaning.

Christian, my favorite:
Christian was to me my favorite character out of all of them. He was a friend, a lover, and here I’m certain that the author achieved to show us who he really was. She did a terrific job with this character and I would love to read more about him in another book, I believe he deserves one.

Now here we don’t get to see a love scene from Victor and Anna, only sensuous glimpses that leaves us wanting more. So I’m entitled to ask, will there be more ? I hope so.

Overall, the story-line is great and this is a book to be read. I loved it and hope I get a chance to follow up on this series. I’m asking already for the second one, I wonder where this will go …

Review by R Lynn Archie (original post on

The Fire Within is a mesmerizing story narrated in different point of views; as such I also benefited from getting a close and personal understanding of each character.

The story opens with a vain man who makes an attention-grabbing bargain with a vampire. From the start, this ragged man seems to have no regard for no one except for what he can gain to better his life; and for him the vampire is the key to achieving a way out of his unrewarding reality. The story then moves to focus on the three main characters, Anna, Christian and Victor. Both men are from unknown backgrounds that are dark and evil, though perhaps one more hellish than the other.

To top things off, there are so many things coming at Anna left and right. The details of her birth come to light which explains a lifetime of pain. Then an unexpected situation arises when Anna’s father underestimates choices made on his part, and due to his actions it only accelerates an impossible situation making events tense and unbearable.

I liked that she was strong willed when she needed to be, also the display of immense courage as she tried to control her fate or the ones that mattered most to her. This story brings many elements that are captivating. And with the other characters thrown into the mix, you will find a wide variety of different beings ranging from humans to the undead. It will keep you on your toes with regular intervals of conflict that arises. This is a fantastic read which I thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to following the series. If you want a book that will keep you entertained and wanting more, this is the book for you.


Review by Donna Augustine (original post on

This is a beautiful dark love story about two wounded souls. Anna hasn’t seen much kindness in her life and Victor longs for someone to love and accept him. There are many trial and tribulations along the way which make the story very fast paced. Victor has just the right amount if alpha male without taking it too far. Alternating first person point of views gives you the intimacy of first person but without leaving you in the dark. Very nice world building with a blend of paranormal that has a hint of historical. If you are a fan of Feehan, you would probably enjoy this.


Review by Kami (original post on

Annabelle is turning 17 and she has been promised to a vampire. Anna’s father is really cruel. He has said that Anna will have two suitors and then she will choose which man she will marry between Christian and Victor. Christian is a shape shifter called a skin walker and Victor is a vampire. There is considerable enmity between the two of them. There were a few editing and grammatical errors but that didn’t take away from enjoying the story for me. The vampires and skin walkers are at war though other shape shifters are good. Skin walkers change shape into other people, while shape shifters take the form of animals. Christian is a very sadistic villain. He is obsessed with Anna. “Little puppets, how I long to pull your strings. Make you dance, twirl, and scream. A twisted game, we can play with three. Little puppets (,) will you play with me(?)” Some of this story was really violent. I found it pretty exciting.


Review by A.Mercado (Original post on

This was a very difficult story to put down. At first I dreaded reading the entire thing when I noticed references to vampires and princesses, but as I read along, I became so much more intrigued. The different points of view and constant conflicts make for a very dynamic story line and the details are interesting as well. It was a pretty good read and I am positive that many readers who stumble across this book enjoyable as well.


Review by Zebby (Original post on

Anna has always been different. Her parents have treated her with loathing at best. Her father has been positively cruel not just to Anna but to her friends. To the point of murder of those she loves. On her birthday she is to be betrothed by her father to the man of his choosing. Christian is all hands, aggressive. Victor is her shining knight. She must escape with him to survive. she learns that the strange feelings are because she shares a portion of victor’s soul. As they go to war against the skin changers Anna has learned much of her past and future from Sadar. She feels she must help Victor and survive for the future of them all.


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