No matter who you are music is a major part of your life, whether you love classical or Mainstream, music will influence you. The below playlist is the music that has inspired the novel ‘The Fire Within’. (These are in no particular order.)


01. Search and Destroy by 30 Seconds to Mars
02. Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars
03. Call Me by Shinedown
04. Burning in the Skies by Linkin Park
05. The Right Way by Ron Pope
06. Turning Page by Sleeping at Last
07. Be Here by Parachute
08. Bitter Taste by Three Days Grace
09. Looking At Her Face by Tyrone Wells
10. Broken Arrow (feat. Jessie Mann) by Raney Skockne

* A/N: I do not own the copyrights to these songs so please respect the rights of these talented Artists.