Fire of the Soul Series

The Fire Within (Book 1)

The Fire Within (brighter)

I can feel him calling me, his voice whispering in the empty air, calling me to him. Without thought, without my own will I go to him. Annabelle VanDyken, Page 123

In a small kingdom, a place not marked on the maps and barely recalled by any living person, resides a cursed young woman named Anna VanDyken. Not many know of the curse that lies in wait for the moment he will come to possess her and thrust her into a new reality.

Thrown into a world so unlike her own, filled with creatures that only exist in the darkest of dreams there is no chance to escape and nowhere to run to. A countdown has started on her life, and the lives of her friends. Will she have enough time to save them all, or will they all fall into chaos? With the threat of war hovering above her head, and a curse that burns in her veins, will she live to be able to tell the tale?


Last Ashes (Book 2)

Last Ashes (Final Draft)

Chaos has descended on the Underworld, as promised. Anna is un-resigned to her fate as Christian’s ideal wife. She refuses to be weak and submissive but she knows the power he holds over her; if she denies him, everyone she loves will die. However, when dismembered corpses start appearing on the castle grounds, Anna finds her courage to fight against the evil in the world, starting with the Overlord.


Eternal Flame (Book 3)

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Blood Magic – A ‘Fire of the Soul’ Novella

Blood Magic

In 1691 witches plagued Salem. The courts of the United States of America forged together to expel witches from the states.

Adrian Every, son to one of these great lawyers, has nothing to do with witchcraft, or anything necessarily evil until he joins the group called “Ater Sidus”; a vicious underbelly that hosts fights to the death.

Adrian although a star fighter, falls into the dangerous depths of the underbelly, raising the attention of not only its Commander Vladik Gramen, but the lovely Victoria Gramen. Will this unwanted attention be the death of him, or for the people he truly loves?

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