Monday Mania: Top 10 Villains

Hi everybody,

It’s Monday Mania time. This week I’ve been thinking about the villains in my books; in particular Christian and Novak from my series The Fire of the Soul. Below is my top 10 favorite villains. A lot of them are villains that I can’t help to love.

10. Scar


9. Dracula


8. Loki


7.  Dr. Oliver Thredson aka Bloody Face

Dr Oliver Thredson (Bloody Face)

6. Magneto


5. Khan


4. Moriarty

Moriarty 2

3. Sylar

Sylar 1

2. Joker

Joker 2

1. Hannibal Lecter


Lecter 2

It’s so hard to put my favorite villains into a list. To give one a higher ranking over the other isn’t fair. They’re all just as brilliant as each other. Did anyone notice I have two Zachary Quinton characters?! What about Mads Mikkelsen! I’m loving Hannibal (the tv show in particular). I’m curious as to who is reading this and who will respond. If you have a top 10 favorite villains feel free to leave them in the comments below.