About Me

Racquel Kechagias was born in 1991, although perhaps born into the wrong family. Where she was intelligent and bright – even at a young age – her three brothers and three sisters were like primitive wolves. She was full of wonder and curiosity and at the age eleven, she didn’t receive her Hogwarts letter of acceptance instead she was taken to a school for muggles to learn how to live in the muggle world despite the fact that she longed to be in a world filled with magic!

During her time in her muggle school she excelled at all activities that were presented to her. She developed few friendships but these were all precious in their own way. Despite her friends and colleagues lack of wonder, Racquel never lost her love for the Dark and Magical and she found herself getting lost in book after book, fitting perfectly into the worlds created through paper and ink. It wasn’t until her last year of schooling that Racquel began to develop her own longing to put pen to paper.

Racquel was destined to belong to the magical world from the very beginning of her life. After many years of struggling to fit in with the people around her, Racquel gave in to her daily struggle. She gave up the fight to ‘fit in’ and decided that she would rather stand out. Racquel was now equipped with everything she needed, pen and paper (and lots of it) plus a determination to be more. At the age of 19 she sat down at her desk, that she hadn’t used since her schooling days, pulled out her pen and the first piece of paper. It was as if everything in her life brought her to that moment of putting her pen to paper. The first words were written and they have simply been coming ever since.