Sunday Snippet #3

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Hi Guys,

So this is my third post for Sunday Snippets. For those who don’t know what it is it’s a snippet of 8-10 lines of any project (whether finished or in progress). This week my snippet comes from Kayden’s perspective. We get to see the change in Kayden that Anna mentioned in the first Snippet. The snippet is from the third chapter of my WIP ‘The Eternal Flame’.

While my features had changed in the mirror I had involuntarily walked closer towards it but I leap back when the transformation is done and I can clearly see who I’ve become. Standing in the mirror before me is Christian Sitzman. He looks as terrified as I feel. I reach up and pull my fingers through the white hair and he mimics my actions.

I close my eyes and breathe. In and out, thought it is with an erratic rate. I urge myself to open my eyes and when I do it’s no longer Christian staring in the mirror at me but a face that I had thought was blocked in some inaccessible part of my mind. The dark brown hair and soft brown eyes are familiar but I know I’m not looking into my own eyes. There is a scar that mars the man’s left eye and his chin and cheeks are covered in a thick spray of stubble. If not for any of this I could say that I was looking at a slightly changed version of myself. The missing left ear gives away the fact that I wasn’t looking at myself. I reach up and touched the spot where his ear should be to check that the mirrors image copied mine. I collapse to my knees, suddenly weak and unable to breathe. My head is spinning in circles and I place my head on my knees and shut my eyes as I furiously try to regain some composure. When I finally look back up I can see that the image hasn’t changed again. The man meets my unsteady stare and the longer the eye contact stays the more sick I feel.

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about it and keep your eyes open for next weeks installment!


13 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet #3

  1. I’ve always heard it was difficult to write in the first person past tense. Your snippet is first person present. Do you find it a challenge to maintain that tense?
    Nice snippet!

    • Thank you. Personally I don’t find it difficult. I do find that once I know my characters well enough I can easily get into their heads and simply write. As this is the third book in a series I’ve been working on I would hope to know my characters well enough by now 🙂 It is true that not all people find it easy but everyone has their own style of writing.

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s present tense and it’s very real. It’s not something that he has blocked from his conscious mind. He has the abilities of a Skin-walker, a supernatural being who can make themselves look like anyone so he’s actually experiencing that for the first time.

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