Teaser Thursday

Hi everyone! This site has been quiet for the past couple of weeks. That is mainly because I’ve been so busy with getting ‘Last Ashes’ out to you guys. If you haven’t heard about it yet, ‘Last Ashes’ is the second book in the ‘Fire of the Soul Series’. It’s out on all ebook sites including Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords! I’ll be starting a new thing called ‘Teaser Thursdays’ where I’ll post a 400-500 word snippet from my current WIP (Work In Progress). At the moment that is ‘The Eternal Flame’ the third and final book in the ‘Fire of the Soul Series’. This weeks is from Chapter 1 and is from Anna’s perspective. I hope you enjoy it!  

Darkness. Death. Silence. It was all I ever knew until Victor and Christian had come into my life. Despite the war we had endured, despite their hatred of each other, there had been moments of joy. Moments that I cherished, moments that were important. Moments which left memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Then there were moments I wish I could escape, moments that still haunt me. Memories of death that plague my mind, that wake me from my dreams in fits of panic. I search the darkness for their faces and only lay back down in a shivering mess when I realize that they are not with me in the darkness. In those moments I am powerless to think of anything else but their deaths. In my mind I can see them dying over and over again, a gruesome display of the deaths that I am responsible of. Meg, Simon, Victor and Christian. Even with Manea’s confirmation of Meg and Simon’s happiness, I can still see my father hovering around Simon’s blood-stained body, Simon’s eyes staring at me and pleading me to run. I still see my hands plunging the knife into Meg’s heart. Yes, it had been a Skin-walker but it had worn Meg’s face and I was damned to spend the rest of my life seeing that image. I still see Christian plunging the blade into Victor’s chest. I still see Christian murdering Astoria in cold blood. I still Kayden plunging the blade into Christian’s chest. I see their deaths as if were happening right in front of my eyes and the list keeps growing as I witness more. I can’t deny the emotions warring in my heart. I want revenge. I want blood. I want to avenge their deaths. I want all this because I know what I truly want, which is to have them back and alive, is impossible. I should know. I’ve tried. I tried to bring Christian back when he died. In the past week I’ve tried to bring Astoria back. I tried but failed. Even if I could try to bring Meg and Simon back I know that I won’t be able to. It’s too late to save any of them.

  So there it is, the first of many. Subscribe to my blog to keep up to date and to see next weeks teaser. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about it!


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