Trial of Marriage – Mini Blog Hop Stop #2

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Hi Guys,

I’ve been asked to participate in a blog stop for R. Lynn Archie who is the author of the “Trail of Marriage” series.

Trial of Marriages is a novel about romance and commitment. It’s about the struggles of a couple and their devotion to make things work in their marriage.

Despite the fact that I don’t read much of romance I have found the series interesting. R. Lynn Archie shares a fascinating story that evokes a readers empathy, sympathy and love for this couple.

R Lynn Archie has agreed to participate in an interview for me. Below is our conversation where she shares her thoughts on her series ‘Trail of Marriage’.


Racquel: Why did you decide to write ‘Trail of Marriage’?

R Lynn: The first book was my brain child. The characters and plot was constantly on my mind, especially at night when I was sleeping. It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore the desire to write and out of all my thoughts, Trial of Marriage was born.


Racquel: Book one seemed to end on a good note for Trey and Angelique. So I have to ask was there a reason why you decided to write a sequel?

R Lynn: I originally wrote it to be one book but I wasn’t ready to let go of my main character, Trey and Angelique Moretti just yet.


Racquel: I have to ask, while reading ‘Trail of Marriages 2: Sacrifices’ I was overwhelmed with sympathy for both Trey and Angelique. There seemed to be a certain focal point for the sequel. Could you let us know what that focal point is?

R Lynn: The focal point for book two is there has to be a two way line of communication because even the individual with the best intension can spiral out of control by making indecisive and wrong decisions. Book two introduces the circumstance at hand.


Racquel: I must say that the sequel ‘Trial of Marriage 2: Sacrifices’ was outstanding. Did you feel there was a driving force or motive to the direction of the story?

R Lynn: Before I even began writing Trial of Marriage 2:  Sacrifices I knew which direction the story was headed and either my readers were going to like it or be pushed off by it. Since I tend to go in the direction that feels right for me, I went with the latter and it’s something that’s not expected.


I can only say that I look forward to reading more of this talented author’s works!


If you want to grab a copy of R Lynn Archie’s novels go to her author page here

Trial of Marriagecover 12-17Book Cover TOM2

About the Author

R Lynn Archie Author Pic

From the moment I learned letters formed words, I fell in love with reading. I will read anything as long as it peaks my interest, but my preference and love will always be romance. For so long I toyed with the idea of writing my own books, only I procrastinated by pushing it to the back burner multiple times. Then one day while book searching, I had an “aha moment,” there truly was no real reason to keep delaying publishing except for the fear no one would like my writing. Once I decided I wasn’t going to let that hold me back, I made the decision to move forward and fulfill my lifelong dream of writing my own romance novel.

I also never intended to write in different genres, it just happened that way; nonetheless, the common element that combines all my books is the relationship aspect, and that is why I consider myself a romance author. It is nice having the freedom to change things up and not concentrate on just one genre. My first book Trial of Marriage (TOM Series), an interracial romance published in 2012. I recently did an edit of the story and republished it on April 30, 2014. I followed that release with a vampire themed romance called Eternal Existence, I release it in2013. My current book from the TOM series is Trial of Marriage 2:  Sacrifices; It was published on June 6.

Working a full-time job, combined with being a wife and mom, can be pretty hectic when it comes to finding writing time, but I make it work because I take pleasure in creating my works of fiction. I do have to admit, one thing that keeps me sane is laughter. I feel it’s the best medicine for taking one out of a rut. For me, every day is a precious gift, and I’m enjoying it by doing what I’m passionate about.

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