Monday Mania: Top 15 Favorite Shows

Hi everybody,

It’s Monday Mania time. Every week there’s a new episode to a favorite show. This past few weeks several of my favorite shows have aired their season finale and have gone on break until the new season is ready to air (i.e. Hannibal, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory and Hart of Dixie). Other shows like Game of Thrones (which again has killed off a new fav. character – no spoilers for those yet to watch the episode) are still on air but insists on tearing out your hearts and watching you bleed. Therefore I’ve decided this week’s list will be my favorite shows regardless if their on break, airing or ended completely (R.I.P Heroes and Sylar). Here is the top 15!

15.  Hart of Dixie


14. The Big Bang Theory


13. Beauty and the Beast (2012/13)


12. The Walking Dead

Walking dead

11. True Blood


10. Once Upon a Time


9. Supernatural


8. Helix


7. Haven


6. Heroes


5. Grimm


4. Game of Thrones


3. Sherlock


2. American Horror Story (Season 2: Asylum)


1. Hannibal


It’s so hard to put my favorite shows into a list. There’s so many that I love watching so there are many that didn’t make the list (including Dracula, Misfits, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Revenge and so on). To give one a higher ranking over the other isn’t fair. They’re all just as brilliant as each other. Again, I’m loving Hannibal at the moment (Despite all the feels and it ripping out my heart to give to Hanni for dinner!). I’m curious as to who is reading this and who will respond. If you have a top 15 favorite tv shows (and if you feel the love for some of my feel free to leave them in the comments below.




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